What Is Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba Description

Ginkgo biloba has been one the most controversial herbal remedy in the market today. The fact that it can be used as a treatment for different brain disorders have made it very popular. But what exactly is ginkgo biloba description? Where does it come from? How does it work? Ginkgo biloba is also called by name “Maidenhair tree”.

This tree is considered to be the eldest among the different trees that exist on Earth since ancient times. The ginkgo plant is native in countries like Korea, Japan and China. Some of ginkgo plant species can also be found in Europe and North America. Ginkgo trees can grow up to 37.2m tall or equivalent to 122ft. It measures 1.2m in girth or 4ft. Ginkgo female trees looks like they are pointed at the top part that is compared to a pyramid.

Male ginkgo trees are much broader at the crown. Ornamental ginkgo tree’s barks are usually fissured and rough. They are usually ash to dark brown when it comes to color appearance. Ginkgo leaves’ shapes are compared to a fan and has long stalks that emerges from the stem sheath. Its leaves are bright green in color during summer and spring seasons and golden yellow at fall. It takes at least thirty (30) years for a ginkgo tree to grow flowers. Male and female flowers bloom separated from each other. Female flowers grow at one end of a leafless branch.

Each blossom grows alone from the leaf’s axils. Ginkgo fruit is yellow in color and plum shaped which contains inner seed that is edible. The ginkgo tree is known for its remarkable endurance and longevity against pollution, insect damage and diseases. Ginkgo biloba extract is popular in treating different neurological disorders alongside with the improvement of blood circulation in the body. There are also some studies that show the effectiveness of ginkgo biloba for treatment of altitude sickness.

Ginkgo biloba as one of the popular herbal remedies has proven its effectiveness and benefits. Different studies and researches are conducted to provide more information about some of its new benefits and ginkgo biloba extract itself. Ginkgo biloba description can be found anywhere on the web together with some evidences of its treatment for different kinds of diseases. Always keep in mind that this natural health supplement or remedy is just one of the available herbal alternatives. There will always be another option for you.