Important Facts that You Need to Know about Alfalfa Benefits & Side Effects

What are alfalfa benefits & side effects?

The use of alfalfa extract has been very popular nowadays. Alfalfa is a plant that falls under the legume family. It’s a close relative of peas and beans.  This plant has small clusters of purple flowers that almost resemble a clover plant.

Alfalfa extract is known to be rich in different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, E, D, K, and B complex. It is also rich in phosphorous, calcium and other trace minerals including iron, potassium, inositol and magnesium.

Benefits of Alfalfa Extract

Like any other supplements and medications, the use of alfalfa extract has its own good and side effects. Talking about the benefits first, alfalfa extract is widely known for its ability in controlling the right cholesterol amount in the body. It can stimulateappetite of an individual.

Its other health benefits are associated with the treatment of urinary tract infections, ulcers and prevention of atherosclerosis. It can also help women in various menopause related disorders.  Some studies have shown that alfalfa extract gives excellent results in maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin.

Side Effects of Alfalfa Extract

When taken without proper knowledge about the recommended dosage, alfalfa extract intake may lead to some side effects. Side effects are associated with lowered potassium levels in the blood that can cause mild to severe stomach pain. Frequent and irregular bowel movement is also observed.

According to some studies and research, large intake of alfalfa may result in various outbreaks and symptoms of pancytopenia. This condition is characterized by decrease in production of both white and red blood cells.

Alfalfa intake is not advisable for pregnant women since it contain components which promotes menstruation and may lead to cases of miscarriage. Alfalfa intake is also not ideal for individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders or those who are under anticoagulant medications.

Alfalfa benefits & side effects will always be together with each other. Just like the relationship between advantages and disadvantages. However, the side effects of using alfalfa extract can be resolved by having knowledge about the proper dosage, when to intake and nature of the plant itself.

Perfect things do not exist in our world. These imperfections are made for us to learn. The use of alfalfa plant and its benefits will be truly achievable if taken with caution. Just like other medications, it is always ideal to get a professional opinion from a health practitioner about the intake of this herbal medication.