5 Quick Tips for Men’s Health! Prostate Massage!

How does prostate massage help? Aging it definitely not something we men love. Dealing with constant stresses and feeling how our bodies slowly deteriorate… This is a situation nobody wants to be in. Another big issue with aging is that some parts of the organism start failing and slowly inhibit some functionality that we actually enjoy like normal urination and erection.

Can we preserve these functions? Both erectile function and urination are connected to the condition of the prostate gland. A common problem for men is BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) which often causes problems with urination and accompanies erectile dysfunction.

A preemptive measure as much as a type of therapy for BPH is prostate massage or frequent prostate orgasms. However, just doing it frequently will not help. You actually need to know how to do it correctly and what tricks can make the process easier and more efficient. Here are our tips for those men who want to enjoy prostate massage!

Tip #1. Make it a regular thing!

Some men believe that prostate massage should be used as an addition to their sexual life and do not consider its therapeutic effect. Yes, the very prostate orgasm is a very enjoyable experience for men, but it must also be a systematic pleasure that is not happening only when you have sex or feel like getting rid of sexual tension.

Prostate massage is a very healthy physiological procedure that stimulates the blood circulation near the gland and drastically improve the way your gland works freeing it from accretions and old liquids. Long periods without massaging simply make your efforts futile and do not train the gland or allow it to heal better.

Creating a system that allows you to form a very effective prostate massage therapy that will definitely help in preventing issues like ED or BPH. If you already have problems with health and your doctor recommended you to try to learn how to massage your prostate, make sure that you do it regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Do not try to overwork it, but don’t make it a once in a weekend thing. Be consistent.

Tip #2. Cut your nails!

This is a very important tip that many men simply don’t follow. This is a good tip for both beginners and untidy experienced men.

The tissues in your rectum are the most vulnerable and sensitive. Untrimmed nails will definitely scratch and harm these tissues causing unpleasant feelings and unnecessary damage. Dirt under the nails can carry dangerous microorganisms that are not welcome inside your body. Be careful and always take hygiene as seriously as possible.

Before starting a prostate massage session, make sure to carefully cut your nails and file the free edges of the nails. It is highly important to avoid any mechanical damage to your rectum. This is why it is recommended to use latex gloves and instruments in a condom to perform the massage.

Tip #3. Instruments are pivotal!

Find a good instrument. Really. Find it now! Some men believe that they can do everything with their fingers, but it’s not true. Even when your partner helps you, the comfortable reach of a finger is limited. A short finger is insufficient when it comes to conducting a proper prostate massage. In order to do everything correctly and effectively, consider purchasing a tool.

A good example of a generic tool is a thin wooden handle of any in-house instrument. If the end of the handle is smooth and has a spherical form, put a condom on it and use it to reach the deeper end of the prostate gland. This will make your prostate stimulation much more efficient and resultative.

There are also great custom sex toys and medical instruments that can be used to perform the massage. With a defined design and a proper anatomical form, these devices are perfectly suited for the job and can be used both for therapeutic and sexual purposes.

Tip #4. Be Gentle!

A prostate gland is a very delicate organ that needs care and attention. Being reckless may lead to significant damage and worsen your condition. Being gentle and accurate when performing a massage session is strongly recommended. Never be shy to tell your partner this very thing! Tissues in your rectum and the prostate gland are very vulnerable and should never be physically harmed!

Start with careful motions and never push too hard or too fast. After the insertion of the instrument, slowly make your way to the gland and touch it gently. Stop any activities when you feel discomfort or pain. Continue when such feelings wear off. After several sessions, you will be able to consistently and gently deliver yourself one prostate orgasm after another!

Tip #5. Don’t doubt it!

There are men who believe that prostate massage is not for them or that it is something shameful. Such men are doing nothing but harming themselves by limiting their own bodies and conceding to a bunch of health issues! Talk to your doctor and start doing it now!